College Placement

The Planning

Leg-A-Z has a long history of not only developing talented players but also preparing players for college life. Even though some players don’t pursue playing at the collegiate level from D1 to NAIA/JUCO.  We do still encourage players as they grow within the club to pursue a college education. 

Where do I begin?

For many high school athletes, college recruiting is at best a mystery and at its worst, it can be overwhelming. The hardest part is often just knowing when and how to get started. With our experienced coaches and guidance from Basil, we have a strong network of schools. We have developed a strong step-by-step guide to help players who are in pursuit of playing at the collegiate level. 

The following information will help athletes and their families better understand what the recruiting process is about and how to put together a more effective recruiting game plan.

How college coaches recruit

Coaches’ methods may vary, but all of them agree that recruiting is one job that seemingly never ends. There’s the immediate need of filling this year’s recruiting class but also looking ahead to the following year at potential recruits and so on.

Recruiting also varies by season. So, when fall sports are finishing up their recruiting, spring sports may still have some late recruiting to do. There are also recruiting differences by division with NCAA DI programs usually out in front trying to secure recruits as early as possible.

The following outline gives a very basic look at how most college coaches approach the recruiting process.

  1. Determine recruiting needs (position, grad year)
  2. Attend local or regional events (Showcases) and speaking with Club Coaches
  3. Evaluate prospect video, academic information, check social media accounts
  4. Begin contacting athletes, follow profiles, extend camp invites, hold camps
  5. In-home meetings, meetings with current coaches
  6. Check NCAA/NAIA eligibility status, extend official visit offers
  7. Make initial verbal offers
  8. Sign players, look for last-minute recruits or transfers
  9. Repeat

How to establish communication with college coaches

As you begin your recruiting efforts, you may often hear or read that, “If you’re good enough, coaches will find you.” While this is true for some elite athletes, the great majority of club athletes must reach out directly to coaches to make their presence known.

  • Email is often a great first step. Before hitting send, make sure you’ve done your homework about the coach, the school, and the program. Include your basic athletic information and GPA. You should be able to explain why you are interested in the school and how you could contribute to the team. You should also include a link to your online profile/highlight video as well as your best contact information.
  • Phone is always a good call. As you can imagine, a coach’s email is often overloaded with incoming messages. What many athletes don’t know is that coaches receive very few actual phone calls from recruits. A phone call is a great way to introduce yourself in person and to make a memorable impression. But don’t pick up the phone until you are prepared with questions to ask the coach and also prepared for questions directed to you. Chances are you may not get through on your first call, so be prepared to leave a voicemail as well.
  • Social Media is being used more and more. Some athletes are reaching out and connecting with coaches through social media. Only reach out if you are active and monitor the channel (you don’t want to miss any messages) and that there is nothing questionable posted in your account.
  • In Person introductions can’t be beaten. Camps and unofficial visits are a great time to introduce yourself to a college coach. Coaches understand you might be a little nervous, but if you’ve done your homework you should do fine. Remember not to fall victim to one-word answers and to stay off your phone. This is a great opportunity to make a personal connection with a college coach.



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