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The “recreational” aspect within the LEG-AZ developmental program is the fundamental and foundational stages in our soccer development model. Teams usually consist of kids ages U-6 to U-10. Emphasis at the recreational stage is not organized league play but rather performance effort and quality. This replaces the outcome-based approach with a process-based approach via an academy-based setup.

Players in the recreational academy based programs are not assigned to specific teams, but are scrambled on each game day, allowing them to play with and against different players, using a non-results oriented philosophy.

In doing so we create an opportunity to allow the children to play because they love to win, not because they have to win. The goal is to compete to do their best rather than compete to be the best.


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An academy format environment, with pool play based competition, multiple game options, movement within a group of players and all players having an equal opportunity to play

Unhurried and diverse play in an environment that promotes positive developmental settings

Opportunity to gain technical skills and game insight by playing in simplified soccer games

Soccer activities that challenge youth players to advance to the next level of learning while keeping them motivated

Fundamental and foundational development in athleticism and soccer specific skills

The joy and skills of the “beautiful game”


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ABOUT LEG-A-Z International SA

Establish in 2007 by founder Basil Benjamin Leg-a-z has alway been dedicated to allowing players from all areas to be part of this club.



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