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2021/2022 Scholarship Form

Leg-A-Z Scholarship Application

Purpose –To allow every player, age 18 and under, the opportunity to participate in competitive or recreational soccer regardless of household financial conditions. The Scholarship program was developed to lower the cost to provide opportunities for children whose families have demonstrated financial needs.

Who Qualifies? –  Any resident Player ages 18 and under who meets the family income guidelines and whose parent/guardian submits the Application along with proper documentation.

Scholarship Volunteer Request:

  • Families are requested to participate in all program fundraisers.
  • Parents/guardians are expected, if asked, to participate in volunteer/Team activities to help offset the cost of this scholarship.

Application Process

    1. Complete the Scholarship Application Form, which must be signed by a parent/guardian.
    2. You must provide copies of the most current tax return.
    3. Scholarship application approval will be based on the verification of financial need and the availability of scholarship funds.
    4. Applications will be reviewed by Leg-A-Z SC Scholarship Committee for completion and accuracy.  Final decisions will be made by committee members with no current team affiliation.

Below is the application for the 21/22 Season.

Code of Conduct

Leg-A-Z Soccer Club believes that players who have the privilege of membership in our club and on our teams should conduct themselves as responsible representatives of the Club. Failure by a family member or player to exhibit good sportsmanship can result in exclusion from Leg-A-Z Soccer Club.

I PLEDGE TO conduct myself with the integrity and the maturity that comes from being a member of a Leg-A-Z Team. This includes my behavior before, during, and after a game on both my home field and during my away games.

I PLEDGE TO be a safe and responsible player.  I will control myself and my temper, and I will use only appropriate language while playing soccer.  This includes good sportsmanship even when I disagree with my teammates, the coaches, officials, and opposing team.

I PLEDGE TO be responsible for the equipment and fields.  I will be safe with the goals and nets, and help to keep our fields clean.  This includes picking up my own soccer equipment and disposing of my own garbage and recycling items.  I will be a steward of the fields on which I am playing.

I WILL SHOW RESPECT TO THE COACHES AND REPRESENTATIVES OF LEG-A-Z. I realize that they have a difficult job and that their actions reflect their attempts to do what is in the best interests of the individual players, the teams, and the Club.  Regardless of how I feel about any coaching decision, including those related to playing positions, playing time, or other matters, under no circumstances will I mistreat or confront a coach or representative of the Club in a verbally or physically inappropriate matter.

Our success cannot be achieved unless everyone works together. The goals Leg-A-Z set are to offer players direction in discipline, leadership, teamwork, and acceptance of rules and responsibility.



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Establish in 2007 by founder Basil Benjamin Leg-A-Z International Soccer Club has always been dedicated to allowing players from all areas to be part of this club.

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