Why Chose Leg-A-Z International?

Why Chose Leg-A-Z?

“Parents usually ask me ‘…why Leg-A-Z International….’ The simplest explanation is: First we got rid of bad coaches, We don’t send players out of town to other clubs so they can get better. Players come to our club from out of town so they can get better. Players who leave their club to play for Leg-A-Z International get much better while players who leave Leg-A-Z International get worse. Nine state final four appearances, two state runners up, and three state championships. We have developed many ODP state and regional team players, several national team players including one on the US under 19 national team, plus a few professional players and many at all levels of the collegiate game. For example: Furman University, University of South Florida, Kentucky, Duke, Jacksonville University, Coastal Carolinas, FAU, Belmont Abbey, Memphis and many others. All this from a club of 220 players. Imagine if we had 1500 players…. My final comment on why parents and players should choose Leg-A-Z International Soccer Club is a story about a player who came to us from recreational soccer as a u-14 player. His high school did not have soccer so he transferred to a high school in town. The coach called me up and asked me, ‘…where did you get this kid from? He is so good I don’t even coach him.’ This coach was a competing club coaching director. No player is so good that he/she doesn’t need coaching. Even coaches need coaching. The heartbreaking thing is that many players come to us a little too late for us to give them all the help they need. The earlier you and your kids chose Leg-A-Z International the greater their soccer development. The further they can go in the game.”

That is why we are announcing our inaugural futsal recreational program for players from 4 years old to 12 years old. This way we expand the number of younger players under the watchful eyes of our developmental staff.

-Basil Benjamin



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Establish in 2007 by founder Basil Benjamin Leg-A-Z International Soccer Club has always been dedicated to allowing players from all areas to be part of this club.

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